Vuoi certificare le tue materie prime con NATRUE? Segui questa guida!

2023-02-08T15:15:58+01:00October 25th, 2022|greenlifestyle|

A partire da gennaio 2020, NATRUE ha implementato il suo nuovo schema di certificazione delle materie prime, per facilitare e promuovere ulteriormente la formulazione di prodotti finiti e materie prime certificati NATRUE. Queste le due [...]

LanEsters is the first company in the world to receive the “NATRUE” certification for Anhydrous Lanolin, Lanolin Derivatives and Cholesterol

2023-02-08T15:16:11+01:00February 28th, 2020|greenlifestyle|

What's lanolin? Lanolin is a yellowish waxy substance which is oily to the touch as fat. This natural wax is spontaneously produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep, goats and sheep to protect the hair [...]

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