Ecogruppo Italia also offers other certifications on specific standards and voluntary schemes:

Delinat standard certifies organic grape cultivation and organic wine production for the export and commercialization of organic wines in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Its guidelines provides for more stringent requirements than EU legislation. More info on:

GLOBALG.A.P. is the most internationally recognized and accepted certification on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Thanks to it, farmers prove to wholesalers and retailers their full compliance with requirements of food safety, sustainability, worker protection and responsible use of water resources: it is a universal key for the global market, which offers producers the possibility to sell their products both locally and globally. Please check the GLOBALG.A.P. FAQs:

The Green Experience is a Coldiretti Cuneo project, aimed at creating a network of Piedmontese producers who practice green and sustainable viticulture under a new light. Consumers are offered with two standards and two respective alternative brands (the blue butterfly, for integrated production, and the gold butterfly, for organic farming), 10 rules to follow and a unique future-oriented collaboration project. For more info:

KRAV is Sweden’s leading organization for the certification of organic products. The foreign operator who wishes to supply raw materials and/or products to Swedish operators certified by KRAV, or wishes to directly apply the Krav logo on the products destined for this market, must comply with Reg. EU 848/2018 and with the Krav additional requirements, which are available on the official website:

For more information and/or to apply to one of these schemes, please send us via e-mail.