Skin and mucous membranes are our lining, our connection with the outside world. For them, also due to the need for a common standard in the organic and natural cosmetics sector, which still lacks both EU and national legislation, Ecogruppo Italia certifies organic and natural cosmetics according to its own private standard:

The ECOSMETICA QUALITY certifications aim to protect any consumer who is increasingly attentive to the issue of safety and real efficacy of cosmetic products, as well as to give value to companies involved in the natural or organic cosmetics industry, without taking advantage of the “naturalness” concept.
Ecogruppo Italia is accredited by the Italian Accreditation Body ACCREDIA, based on the ISO/IEC 17065 standard for the scope of this scheme.

According to Ecogruppo Italia, certified cosmetics must meet two major criteria:

  • Cosmetics must contain at least 95% of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin.
  • Up to max 5% of synthetic ingredients is allowed, to ensure the safety of the cosmetic.

The Standard applies to:

  • Producers of:
    • natural raw-materials;
    • raw-materials of natural origin;
    • raw-materials deriving from organic farming in compliance with EU regulation on organic production and/or equivalent standards.
  • Producers of semi-finished and finished products;
  • Marketing companies;

The following criteria – described in detail in our Standard – applies to any product submitted to the ECOSMETICA QUALITY certification process:

  • Organic raw-materials: it must be a vegetal or animal ingredient, in a pure form or blended, complying either with the EU regulation on organic production, or with the Ecogruppo Italia Standard or any other deemed equivalent.
  • Natural raw-materials: it must be extracted from vegetal, animal or mineral sources by using only allowed physical processes and without undergoing any chemical modification.
  • Raw materials of natural origin: it must be obtained from vegetal, animal or mineral substances by means of allowed chemical or biotechnological processes.
  • Organic Cosmetics: it must contain at least 95% of natural or natural origin ingredients. Up to max 5% of synthetic ingredients is allowed. Besides, at least 95% weight/weight of plant raw materials on the total of vegetal ingredients must be organic. The minimum quantity of organic ingredients on the total of ingredients in the finished product is 10%.
  • Natural cosmetics: it must contain at least 95% of natural or natural origin ingredients. Up to max 5% of synthetic ingredients is allowed, including those contained in raw materials.

The Standard is a list of criteria that companies must adhere to, in order to give the consumer a guarantee on the vegetable substances used and the processes to create “organic” and “natural” cosmetics.

The Certification, therefore, guarantees that these criteria are abided by and that the cosmetic is compliant following control from Ecogruppo Italia.


Regulation for the certification of organic and natural cosmetics
Standard for organic and natural cosmetics

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