Bio Suisse is a Swiss non-profit organization which, with its “Bud” brand, has developed stricter guidelines than the minimum requirements established by European laws, although maintaining a valid organic certification, equivalent to the Organic Swiss Ordinance (such as Reg. EU 848/2018 or an equivalent) as a basis to certify abroad.

It is a much more complex and complete standard, which operates broadly on all three levels of sustainability – social, economic and environmental. It is a positive influence on organic farming that goes far beyond national borders: in addition to Swiss producers, companies and groups of companies worldwide can also be certified according to the Bio Suisse guidelines, giving them the opportunity to market their own products with the BIOSUISSE ORGANIC label.

The Bio Suisse certification can also be issued to foreign farmers that comply with the corresponding standards and wish to export their products to Switzerland. In order to do this, it is necessary to indicate a buyer importing the products into Switzerland (the “licensee”) who bears all costs for the Bio Suisse certification and is obliged to comply with the Bio Suisse guidelines, therefore, having the possibility to sell products carrying the “Bud” label.

Ecogruppo Italia, in addition to the regular organic control pursuant to Reg. EU 848/2018, offers a Bio Suisse control, to promote the Bio Suisse standard and brand.


Summary of the BIO SUISSE standard(last up. 2022)
Exporting to Switzerland – Information note for operations outside Switzerland

Bio Suisse Rate Card 2022

For further information about BIO SUISSE certifications, please visit the official website (, or send us an email.