In 2017 we introduced a series of important modifications regarding the management of Certificates of Conformity and labels. The Certificate of Conformity, has to be requested annually by the operator and has a year’s validity, instead of the original three years. It will be based on the information obtained, and then evaluated, from the Annual Plans and the inspection visits.

Labels authorisation has been changed into Labelling authorisation. For packaged goods, the operator sends a written request to the Certification Office for labelling of the organic product. This request is accompanied by a proof copy of each of the labels to be used, by format and type of product. Authorisation for the labelling is then granted and the proof copy is returned to the operator with a stamp of approval. The labelling authorization is no longer linked to the quantity of labels used.
Shortly, operators controlled by Ecogruppo Italia can fill in electronically the registers on our platform. The new register will allow the operator to monitor in real time the flow of products and will speed up Ecogruppo Italia’s control activity, with positive impact on the release time of certifications.

Equivalence Certification

The Certificates of Ecogruppo Italia are valid for all European countries. Also, thanks to mutual equivalence agreements between the European Community and some third countries, our certificates can be used to sell organic products in south Korea, Canada, The USA and Japan.