Ecogruppo Italia is pleased to announce its new international partnership with USB Certification, a leading Turkish certification body which, for 25 years, has maintained a high standard of quality, always putting its customers first.

This is a collaboration that truly enriches us, considering that, since 1998, USB Certification has assessed the compliance of the different national and international standards, aiming at the continuous improvement of its customers and counting on a team of experts and professionals. Among the corporate values, the following stand out:
– an independent, transparent, and impartial audit approach;
– value added services;
– a vision of sustainable growth;
– a globalization strategy;
– operational efficiency;

Specifically, USB Certification will help us – and we will help them – in the cosmetics sector, for the purpose of obtaining the NATRUE certification (natural or organic) for any interested Turkish companies. We know how complex it is to manage control and certification operations outside the European borders; this is why, thanks to the irreplaceable help of our Turkish partners, we can now count on a new team of local inspectors (recently trained), which will allow us to facilitate and speed up the entire process, reducing costs, time and linguistic barriers.

We hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation for both parties: a precious opportunity to increase the already-rich source of finished products and raw materials from which every company will be able to draw for the NATRUE certification of its own cosmetics – also while being able to count, from now on, on the Turkish market as well. All this, with the hope that NATRUE will become the perfect passport, that extra ally for your business growth, an advantage we are really proud to be able to share with all of you.

More excited than ever to be able to start this new journey together with USB, to promote an increasingly international certification.

For more information about USB Certification, please visit their official website: