Integrated farming
(also known as SQNPI) is a voluntary agri-food production system that uses all means of production and defense against adversities. It is aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles (Law No. 4 of February 3, 2011).

It is a Quality System recognized at EU level (Reg. CE 1974/2006), and it is open to: producers, processors, suppliers (in the case of bulk products).

The application (submitted on the SIAN platform within the terms established by the system and available on the Rete Rurale Nazionale portal) is aimed at obtaining one of the following:

  1. SQNPI certificate;
  2. agri-environment-climate compliance (ACA);
  3. agri-environment-climate compliance (ACA) and SQNPI certificate.

The operator can apply autonomously if in possession of the system credentials (qualified user) or through his own CAA (Agricultural Assistance Centre). In the case of associated producers, it is possible to do so through the legal representative of the association (as an institutional user, subject to authorization).

For more information and to access the IT platform, please visit the official website of Rete Rurale.