From pioneers of the organic agri-food sector to developers of complementary private standards: our “ECO” certifications match the needs of the company with the consumer’s, both as an individual and as part of the community. We aim to motivate companies towards sustainable business practices, thus offering, to whoever aspires to higher objectives, a means to make a difference.

Here’s a list of the Non-Food certifications offered by Ecogruppo Italia:


Skin and mucous membranes are our lining, our connection with the outside world. For them, also due to the need for a common standard in the organic and natural cosmetics sector, which still lacks both EU and national legislation, Ecogruppo Italia certifies organic and natural cosmetics according to two different private standards:

Ecogruppo Italia’s ECOSMETICA label safeguards the consumer from issues concerning cosmetics’ safety and efficacy; in addition, it gives value companies that want to position themselves in the natural and organic cosmetics sector with consistency, professionalism and commitment.

To know in more detail our ECOSMETICA QUALITY certification, please click here


It refreshes us, it quenches our thirst, it cleans. We use it for cooking and farming. We seek it on other planets. Water is the core natural substance of life: preserving its quality is a commitment for our future generations.

Cleaning products, after use, end up in waterways, resulting in their contamination.

Ecogruppo Italia’s ECOCLEANING label distinguishes those detergents which, from production to post-consumption stage, have an ever lesser impact on our “blue gold”.


To store, to protect, to transport, to display, to inform: packaging is inextricably linked to what we buy, and has a long and complex production history, which results in a high environmental impact. Often its lifecycle does not end with the product it has been conceived for. For this reason, packaging is responsible for serious issues concerning its disposal, deeply affecting our health and environment.

Ecogruppo Italia’s ECOPACKAGE label represents a bridge towards the organic agro-food/cosmetic certification, which is able to guarantee the consumer a finished product controlled in every stage of the supply chain.

These guidelines involve entire systems, facilities, procedures, employees and external stakeholders, with the precise aim of:

  • minimizing the environmental impact
  • economizing on resource management
  • assessing the best eco-friendly solutions for the recovery of packaging value during the design and manufacture stages


Whether spending a few hours in a restaurant or several days in a beauty center, the modern consumer is constantly looking for recreation and relaxation without any side effects.

With the ECORESORT label, Ecogruppo Italia motivates businesses in the hospitality industry to think and design facilities, activities and services according to the most innovative standards of sustainable tourism.

Starting from the initial stages, up to the final offer, nothing is left to fate:

  • strong connections with the local territory
  • diet regimens
  • relax and well-being
  • training days
  • social and environmental issues

To know more about Ecogruppo Italia’s private certifications (cosmetics, detergents, packaging, accomodation facilities), you have to sign and fill-in the Info request sheet and send it back to us.