Skin and mucous membranes are our protective covering, our means of contact with the external world.
For them, Ecogruppo Italia certifies cosmetic products according to two platforms:

  • The standard “Natural and Organic Cosmetics” of Ecogruppo Italia.
    Guarantees the careful consumer and qualifies the companies who wish to position themselves within bio-cosmetics through continuity and commitment.
  • The “NATRUE” standard, recently formed and promoted within European and International markets.
    The cosmetics certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA have to be formulated using very fine raw materials, particularly those coming from organic farming. This guarantees the absence of OGM and of ionizing radiation, as well as of pesticides and synthetic substances.
    Elaborate plans, farming techniques and the adoption of low impact processes allow producers to obtain extracts free from added chemical substances, leaving them with their integral functional power.