Skin and mucous membranes: our lining, our connection with the outside world.

For them, also for the need to regulate the bio-cosmetics sector – which still lacks both EU and national legislation – Ecogruppo Italia certifies organic and natural cosmetics according to two different standards:

  • The Ecogruppo Italia standard, “ECOSMETICA QUALITY”.

    It guarantees reliability to consumers who are concerned about the issues of safety and efficacy of cosmetic products and qualifies companies that want to position themselves in the ​​biocosmetics sector with seriousness and commitment in the long term.

  • The “NATRUE” standard, known in several European and international markets.

    Since 2008, the NATRUE brand has been an international benchmark for consumers and producers because it sets a high standard that ensures that only high-quality natural and organic cosmetics with the highest levels of natural and organic ingredients can be certified.

    Ecogruppo Italia is a “NAC” (NATRUE Approved Certifier), which means that it has the official permission to certify ingredients and finished products according to NATRUE criteria, after a thorough control and certification process.

    The NATRUE standard is applicable to both raw materials and finished products intended for cosmetic use.