Ecogruppo Italia is an international certification body which operates within the sector of sustainable productions. Our story began in 1992. Today, our dynamic and multifunctional structure allows us to cope with the requests of an ever changing market, giving answers swiftly, thanks to competences matured in over 20 years of activity. Food farming, cosmetics, cleaning, packaging, and tourist accommodation structures are our natural working environment. We serve operators in Italy, through some selected partnerships, in other countries too.

From being pioneers of organic farming to the development of private complementary standards. Our certification meets the needs of enterprises and people, seen as single consumers or community. We aim to stimulate those firms who wish to arrive at a high standard of innovative sustainability. By pursuing higher and more sought-after objectives, firms can stand out from the competition.

Production, processing and distribution. Each step is to be controlled and certified. Everywhere and throughout all sectors. ECOGRUPPO ITALIA applies a scalable method that begins with the product and moves to processes, production site, management system, and outside links. Evidence in the field and accurate registrations are a secure way of controlling the solid implementation of requirements and to test their embedding within efficient management systems.

Authorisations and certifications are granted from our office in Catania, which is only one structure allowing for uniform evaluations and equal treatment of each case.

The group was formed in 1992 by the will of people who believed in responsible development. Organic products were taking their first steps, following the fledgling steps of the European regulation ( Reg. CEE 2092/91). In 1996 the company, which already covered the entire national territory, obtained ministerial authorisation to perform inspections and grant certification of Organic farming.

ECOGRUPPO ITALIA today is a control and certification body which operates within the sector of sustainable production, in areas that interest agriculture, manufacturing, processing and services industry. ECOGRUPPO ITALIA has its head office in Catania and branch offices in several regions in Italy and around the world.