Ecogruppo Italia’s certifications, pursuant to Reg. (EU) 2018/848, are valid in all European countries.

The EU has also entered into equivalence agreements, to ensure trading operations with certified organic products also from and to non-EU countries (both for individual operators and groups), thus giving access to organic products from third countries that wish to enter the European market.

This means that, from these countries, it is possible to import organic products certified by certification bodies that are recognized as equivalent, as they prove to have a production system which satisfies aims, goals and principles equal to the EU ones: as a matter of fact, these standards ensure the same guarantee and compliance at every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing, through processing, up to commercialization.

This recognition period ends on 31 December 2026, after which any equivalent regulation will be accepted only for those countries the EU has established mutual recognition agreements with: all other imports will have to be certified exclusively according to compliance criteria, i.e., according to Reg. (EU) 2018/848.

For operators controlled by Ecogruppo Italia in non-EU countries, specific certificates of inspection (COI) are issued on the TRACES (Trade Control and Export System) platform – regarding all transactions with operators located in the European Community.

All documents are issued according to the procedures established by the platform itself.