ECOGRUPPO ITALIA aims to develop and make known on an international level a credible system of control and certification, based on the trust of the different figures with which it works, from the consumer to the professional. To this end, the management leads its human and economic resources towards continuous improvement. Strategies and best practices are driven by sound principles of economy, profitability and transparency. The management also defines objectives and their monitoring, implementing, where needed, improvement actions.
All operator data is managed by Ecogruppo Italia in compliance with the GDPR.


  • Rationalize managerial and operational activities, to obtain indexes of efficiency within fixed parameters;
  • Guarantee operators that the technical and economical aspects of the work are achieved and maintained as per expected requirements;
  • Guarantee an impartial certification process, by identifying and preventing any risks that could compromise the neutrality of judgement.


  • Guarantee the frame work of reference to determine and test the objectives for quality, in a way which is both objective and measurable;
  • Guarantee that the objectives are communicated, understood and pursued by all relevant levels of organization;
  • Supply to stakeholders any information on what is necessary to fulfil their needs and expectations.


  • Guarantee periodical performance review and fitness;
  • Satisfy the requisite of continuous improvement, by analysing, measuring and assessing underlined processes;
  • Develop activities in compliance with current standards and laws, encouraging innovation and improvements in line with the accreditation principles.

The achievement of such objectives requires:

  • The certification process made in accordance with national and international norms. In the absence of such references, specific certification programmes are prepared by competent technical committees;
  • The continuous training of personnel and the use of staff with job fit competencies;
  • The assurance that every licence holder of the ECOGRUPPO ITALIA trade mark conforms to the procedures of the Quality Manual and to the laws in force;
  • Not releasing of conformity certification to operators that could have had relations with companies linked to ECOGRUPPO ITALIA, such as to be in a conflict of interest with the certification itself;
  • The limitation of the evaluation process and the certification decision exclusively to the scope of the certification itself;
  • The definition and monitoring of measurable objectives related to the quality of service;
  • Not performing consultancy, not even through activities entrusted to ECOGRUPPO ITALIA’s suppliers, and assuring that inspectors haven’t had any contractual relationships with the operators in the previous three years;
  • The accreditation of ACCREDIA for the scheme of certification of products coming from organic farming, aiming to better the quality of the service, the products, the system of management, the processes of certification and the application of what is stated in quality system documents;
  • The interaction with other Control bodies, to exchange experience and methods, to pursue system share improvements.

ECOGRUPPO ITALIA declares that the Quality Manual and the procedures describe the operations carried out by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA in compliance with the norm ISO/IEC 17065, to which this company is accredited.

The sole director, responsible for the execution of the above stated obligations, commits to undersign that which has been declared and divulge it to all interested parties.