The agro-food section is the historical and fundamental sector of ECOGRUPPO ITALIA. The certification process for organic products lays its foundation on the EC Regulation 834/2007 which has replaced the previous EEC regulation 2092/1991, taking its legacy. At the moment we certify organic food production according to the following standards:

Biologic UE


Bio Suisse


European Union regulations: it is based on Regulation CE 834/2007 and subsequent regulation CE 889/2008. The continuing development and updating of the regulatory framework is possible via the portal

National legislation: in Italia il regolamento CE 834/2007 in Italy the Regulation CE 834/2007 was implemented by the Ministerial Decree 18354/2009, similarly the continuous evolution of the national legislation will be possible through the portal

Regional legislation: there are many regions, both with special status and ordinary, that have legislated about biological agriculture, a collection of these rules is available on the portal

International regulations: international regulations are extremely wide and varied, in some cases totally equivalent to the European one, in other cases differs not always marginally, below links to the most interesting sites:

Brazil: Ley 10831/2003 (
Canada: COR (
Giappone: JAS Law (
Switzerland: BIO Suisse (

Accreditations and Certifications