a) How do I begin the certification process?
You need to fill out and send to Ecogruppo Italia the form “ request for documents of certification” (available on line).

Ecogruppo Italia will send to the company:
–  Notification: every part to be filled in using capital letters, then signed and sent back along with a valid copy of an identification document belonging to the owner of the company or his/her direct legal representative ( in the case of a company)
– Service Contract
– Economic Offer
– Secrecy agreement

Such documents, originally signed and attached with a copy of a valid document of identity of the owner or legal representative ( in the case of a company), must be sent to: No Food Office – Ecogruppo Italia srl – via P. Mascagni, 79 – 950129 Catania.

As an alternative it is possible to send the documents via email, with a digital signature to the following address: cosmesi@pec.ecogruppoitalia.it.
Depending on the activity and the type of product, the No Food office will ask for any required documentation at a later date.

b) How long will it take to obtain the certification?
The timing depends on whether the technical documents are complete and how quickly they are sent to Ecogrouppo Italia. From the date the documents arrive and based on the complexity of the processes, it can take from one to six months to obtain the first certification.

c) I have to make variations (either to the organization, the facility, the equipment, the products or the processes) which will change what I previously notified. How do I go about this?
You need to fill out a new “Application form”, ticking the box “ Application of change” on the first page and putting in the new information or products to certify.

d) What happens during an inspection?
An inspection is done in two phases: the control of the sites and the techniques of production and the check of the documental evidence: company registers, fiscal documents, certificates of products bought and/or sold, other documents linked to the activity of organic/natural production.

e) Are there rules about the use of material concerning information/publicity (eg: brochures, web sites, printing, etc.) or on the label of the product?
Any reference to certification must be approved by Ecogruppo Italia. For products that have a label it is necessary to include the information requested by the standard of certification. Before printing, the label artwork must be sent to Ecogruppo Italia for approval by the  No Food office.

f) What document attests that my company and its products are certified?
The certificate given by Ecogruppo Italia shows the information relative to the company and attests that the products/processes/services, object of the certification, are regularly controlled and conform to standard. The certificate has an emission date, a date of modification, and an expiry date.

g) I have lost my certificate. Can I have a duplicate?
You need to send a written request, via e-mail or fax, to the No Food office. The certificate will be sent within 7 working days from the receipt of the request. Where to send the new certificate should be indicated in your request ( fax number, or e-mail).

h) I have received a Non Conformity measure, what do I have to do?
The measure was given after Ecogruppo Italia found evidence of a Non Conformity. The firm shall propose corrective actions to resolve the Non Conformity detected. If the proposal is accepted, the firm must implement it in the time established by Ecogruppo Italia. All correspondence must be sent to the No Food office.

i) I need more explanations. Who do I ask?
You can talk to the Catania Headquarters. Here are the areas of competence:
– Standard requirements, registers and certificates: No food office.
– Estimates and payments : Administrative Office.
– Observations and claims: Quality control Office.